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What is coaching?
Coaching is a form of individual professional counseling with the purpose to solve a coachee’s personal or professional problem(s) in the best and most efficient way by activating his or her personal resources.

Can every problem be solved by coaching?
Basically, yes, with the exception of organic or severe mental balance problems. The most important criterion for successful coaching is the coachee’s wish for change and his or her active cooperation and participation in the coaching process.

Where does coaching take place?
Coaching takes place at a coach’s practice or at the coachee’s (office, home..), provided the coaching session will be realized in a quiet and undisturbed atmosphere.
Once a coach and a coachee are well paced, a coaching session can also be held on the phone or by email.

Who can be coached?
Every person who seriously wants to make a change, be it with regard to personal growth or to reaching a defined goal, can be coached.

How quickly will there be a noticeable difference?
It’s not uncommon to reach a predefined coaching goal after only six sessions.
More complex goals can make more sessions necessary. During the whole coaching process, the coachee decides how frequently and over how long a period he or she wants to be coached. Most coachees note a significant difference in their overall feeling after only one meeting with a professional and well-trained coach.

Can coaching be helpful at work?
Coaching is a highly efficient tool for improving the working environment and individual performance, e.g. in teambuilding processes, group dynamics, effective targeting, conflict reduction and many more.

What are the costs?
A coaching-session will be 50 minutes and is paid according to the actual price list for private persons and companies/organisations.  Please ask for our price list. -> Who is it?


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